Delicious bar of ethnic food in Funabashi

Asian food with plenty of herbs and vegetables

For those who are considering ethnic cuisine at Funabashi, we will offer authentic Thai and Vietnamese dishes at a reasonable price. While adhering to the local taste, we also adjust the spiciness according to the customer's preference, and we strive to make sure that each visitor can fully enjoy the delicious and enjoyable time.
The interior is designed in a calm space based on dark brown while being casual, so it creates a stylish atmosphere, so it can handle a variety of scenes from entertainment to girls' parties and banquets. There is also a course menu that can be used from one person to a group, so anyone who is looking for a delicious restaurant of Asian cuisine, please feel free to come.

Enjoy abundant ethnic dishes at Funabashi

A full-fledged menu that is easy to try


There are various kinds of sake and soft drinks

Providing a drink menu that goes well with the dishes


Introduction of courses that can be enjoyed from small to large groups

Enjoy authentic ethnic food


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Store name

Asian Bar Izumaru

Street address

5-1-8-2F, Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

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The store that offers ethnic foods in Funabashi is also used as a place where many people gather, such as girls-only gatherings and banquets. It has a wide variety of dishes and alcoholic menus, and is well-received for each taste preference. We also accept charter sales from 14 people. We have posted access information, so please take a look if you are thinking of coming to the store.

About us

Authentic Asian cuisine with an ethnic feel at Funabashi

Feel free to enjoy ethnic food in Funabashi at Bar

As a bar where you can casually enjoy authentic Thai and Vietnamese dishes, we offer a delicious and abundant menu stuck to reasonable prices, so you can enjoy fragrant herbs and plenty of vegetables If you are looking for, please visit us. We offer a wide variety of dishes and a wide range of drinks that go well with it, so that every customer can enjoy their favorite menu. In addition to the single item menu, the course menu that can be used by one person, small group, and group people has popular dishes.
In order to provide customers with a relaxing time, we are working casually with a dark brown tone and a calm impression in the shop, and we are working with heartfelt hospitality, so we can meet friends who can not care It is a bar that can be used for many occasions, from gatherings, fashionable girls' parties, and lively banquets. We are preparing delicious dishes and waiting for the use of many customers, so if you are thinking of eating out, please visit us and enjoy authentic and delicious Asian cuisine sticking to the local taste Please enjoy plenty.

If you want to enjoy ethnic cuisine at Funabashi, please use Bar

We make a variety of authentic Asian dishes with a special focus on taste, and work hard to ensure that customers can fully enjoy their favorite menu at reasonable prices. We also have a wide selection of drink menus such as beer, wine, and Asian shochu that go well with your dishes. If you are interested in Thai and Vietnamese food, please visit us. A restaurant that combines a casual atmosphere with a calm atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere, we will treat each customer with a standard menu that can enjoy the fragrance of herbs and plenty of vegetables, delicious drinks, and hearty customer service. You.
From meals for one person to gorgeous and stylish girls' gatherings, to lively banquets with friends who can't care, we respond to meals in various scenes, so that each customer can have a fun time It is a bar that is exhausting. Currently, we are looking for part-time or part-time staff to create high-quality services together, so please do not hesitate to contact us not only for those who want to eat but also those who are looking for a job.